Newton Tech Japan updated. 2017.6.22

Why Newton Tech Japan?

Newton Tech Japan offer the best customer satisfaction approach by utilizing professional work force who has experience and solid track record in Japanese big corporate and prominent multi national company.

We are not consultant company. We will work for you as if you set up your own branch office, but without obligation of new recruitment and expensive expatriate cost.

If you look for agents company in Japan, the chances they work for your product will be very few because they need day-to day order and sales. Business development phase(this means no day to day order not happened yet), they will spend very few resources.

Your own branch setting in Japan requires new recruitment or expatriate. If your company is just start up(or not well known yet), it is not easy to get the best person(or require long training process)

Newton Tech Japan will work for you until your idea and product brings money from Japan.

Products: such as...

1. Semiconductors.(IC, discrete)

2. Modules.(RF, Power, Communication)

3. Switches, Connectors.

4. Passive components(resistors, capacitors, inductors)

5. Display devices.

7. Sensors.

Customers:B2B such as...

1. Consumer Electronics

2. Industry field.

3. Automotive customers.

                                           Our Service: such as...

                                               1. Develop customer contact with right person, right channel.

                                               2. Prepare Japanese presentation material.

                                               3. Fundamental documentation what Japanese customers ask.

                                               4. Day to day customer contact, service.

                                               5. Quality problem handling.